MIND Informatics develops and applies integrative computational methods in biomedical and brain research, working with leading clinicians and researchers to understand and cure neurological disorders.

About Us

MIND Informatics is the informatics research and development laboratory of the MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease. Our mission is to apply the best ideas, tools and techniques in biomedical informatics to support rapid advances in understanding and curing disorders of the nervous system.

We provide classical biomedical informatics and computational biology expertise, consultation and software engineering; statistical support for genomics-related experiment design; and next-generation web-based scientific computing, semantic data integration and communications systems and research. 

A partial list of recent publications from our group is here.

Our team members are co-Investigators in the Massachusetts Alzheimer Disease Research Center and Affiliate Faculty at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI).  They also participate actively in the World Wide Web Consortium - our team member Paolo Ciccarese co-chairs the W3C Open Annotation Community; and Force11, the international consortium for next-generation research communications and e-Scholarship on the web. We are co-developers of NIF, the NIH's Neuroscience Information Framework, with our colleagues at UC San Diego; and Development Partners in the European Union's OpenPHACTS (Open Pharmacological Space) project. 

We are active developers of new models for scientific communication and collaboration, including the StemBook, Pain Research Forum, and MS Discovery projects, co-led by Dr. Sudeshna Das; and the Domeo web annotation system, whose principal architect is Dr. Ciccarese.

Our laboratory is an official Research Core for Partners Healthcare (MGH Biomedical Informatics Core) and provides free initial consultation on problems in computational biology, research data management, web development (including semantic web), ontology development and use, as well as general scientific software engineering. 

We are funded by research grants and contracts from governmment, private philanthropies and industry. We also provide consultation and software engineering to members of the Partners Healthcare consortium, academia and industry, on a monthly-invoiced time and materials basis.

We are based in the Neurology Department of the Massachusetts General Hospital and are located at 65 Landsdowne St., Suite 200, Cambridge MA 02139, in University Park, adjacent to the MIT campus.

  • Director: Tim Clark, email tim [underscore] clark [at] harvard [dot] edu
  • Associate Director: Sudeshna Das, email sdas5 [at] Partners [dot] org
  • Phone: 617-947-7098 / 617-768-8522 / 617-726-1277

 MIND Informatics team